Buy used Van De Wiele wire wilton carpet weaving machine

Second hand Van De Wiele carpet weaving machine for sale. Can be used to weave Wilton carpets on 4.8 meter weaving width.

The specifications of this machine are:

  • Wire Wilton weaving machine
  • Single rapier system
  • 3 heavy duty shafts
  • Beamstand for 800 mm with tension shafts by weights and let-off
  • Equipped with central lubrication
  • Carpet take-up system
  • The electronical system is controlled by PLC and provides various automatic shut off systems: when weft is broken, incorrect winding of the carpet on the take-up cylinder, oil-control system, beam let-up stop, …
  • Comes with electronic jacquards
  • Reed 320
  • Weaving width of 4.8 meter
  • 3 different colours of wire are possible for the rapier system

The price of this second hand Van De Wiele carpet weaving machine is 180 000 euro.

Before delivery this machine will be refurbished by us.

Not included: 

Creel stand for pile bobbins

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