Custom build weaving machine (for heavy duty) technical textiles

carpet weaving machine

According to wikipedia: “A technical textile is a textile product manufactured for non-aesthetic purposes, where the primary criterion is function. The technical textile sector is large, growing, and supports a vast array of other industries. The global growth rate of technical textiles is about 4% per year, which is greater than the growth rate of home and apparel textiles, which are growing at a rate of 1% per year. Currently, technical textile materials are most widely used in filter clothing, furniture, hygiene medicals and construction material.”

You might want to start manufacturing technical textile or you are already doing so. Therefore you need the right type of machinery. We can custom build weaving machines that are capable of producing heavy duty technical textiles. Feel free to sent us an email with your specific requirements.

Over the years we already build many technical textile weaving machines for a wide range of applications. 

Some examples of the products that our technical textile weaving machines can make:

Why choose for woven technical textile instead of non woven?

A big difference between woven and non woven fabrics is their durability and service life. Woven textile is more durable and stronger then non woven. Therefore our weaving machines are very suitable to manufacture heavy duty technical textile.

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