Frequently asked questions Construma

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why are there no prices listed on your website?

Most of our machines are custom. It’s difficult to give a price because it depends on your requirements.

  • For what are your machines used?

Our machines are for industrial carpet manufacturing use. Our focus is on the carpet niche so most of our machines are used to produce carpets.

  • Are you doing business all over the world?

We sell / have sold machines all over the world. We do business with everyone.

  • Are you a big company?

We are a small company specialised in carpet weaving and tufting machinery. Our factory is located in Belgium and we have partners al over the world.

  • What type of carpets can your carpet weaving machinery produce?

Our machines are used to produce the following type of carpet: flatweave carpet, flatweave jacquard design carpet, pile carpets, wall to wall wilton carpet, artificial grass, technical textile in multilayer, 3d or technical fiber.

  • Do you sell air jet weaving machines?

No, we can’t help you with buying air jet weaving machines.

  • Are your carpet weaving machines for high speed carpet manufacturing?

It depends what type of carpet you want to manufacture but we can make a machine for high speed carpet production.

  • Do you also sell hand weaving machines?

On request we can make you a small electronic carpet weaving machine to use in your home but we don’t sell non-motorized machines.


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