11 August 2016

High production sample tufting machine

Tufting machine for samples or custom carpets

 This tufting machine is used to produce carpet samples in high speed with 1 to 100 needles.

Used to produce:

  • Custom carpets in low volume

  • Carpet samples

  • Short production run


Features of this tufting machine:

  • Production up to 5m width

  • Production speed can be 100 times higher than hand tufted carpets!

  • Easy configuration and switching between colors

  • We can make this tufting machine from 1 to 100 needles. The more needles you use the faster you can tuft but the setup time is longer

  • Pile height up to 75mm

  • Stitch rate range 10 to 65 stitches per 10 cm

tufted carpet


We can make this sample tufting machine to produce cut and level cut loop carpet.