12 August 2016

Our services

Weaving consulting

We offer comprehensive consulting for the textile weaving industry. You can contact us to help you solve weaving related problems.

carpet weaving consulting

Repair, Improvement And Machinery Maintenance

Repair of weaving machines and textile machinery. Maintenance of weaving machines and textile machinery. Improvements of weaving machines and textile machinery.

repair, improvements and maintenance of carpet weaving machinery

Machinery Dismantling And Reconstruction

We help you with dismantling and reconstruction of any weaving machinery and textile machines. We install and configurate the machinery for you.

carpet weaving machinery dismantling and reconstruction

Weaving machine installation service

We install and start-up your carpet weaving machine

Trading - Buy and sell

We buy and sell all kind of weaving and textile machinery

trading, we buy and sell carpet weaving machinery

Carpet maintenance products and spray

Carpet care and maintenance products for the textile industry

carpet maintenance products