Shaftmotion carpet weaving machines

Weaving machines with different type of shaftmotion.

We make weaving machines with different type of shaftmotion. The shaftmotion of existing weaving machines can be changed on request.

There are 3 types of shaftmotion:

Dobby shaftmotion

This type of weaving machine makes use of a shaftmotion with programmable dobby instead of camsystem. If you need to change pattern often this machine is most suitable. It's also possible to weave 3d multilayer structures on this type of weaving machine. Read more here

Shaftmotion by conjugate cams

We can build a shaftmotion by conjugate cams on our weaving machines. This means a better accuracy and higer operating speed of the loom. Read more here

conjugated cams

conjugated cams

Shaftmotion by dobby + conjugate cams

The combination of dobby + cam shaftmotion makes a weaving machine fast and accurate + the dobby brings the advantage of programmable shaftmotion. This can be a huge improvement in comparison to shaftmotion exclusively by dobby.

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