11 August 2016

Automatic winding machine

Automatic yarn cone winding machine.

This automatic winding machine is used to mill (thick) yarn in bobbin's. Yarn bobbin's made by our automatic winding machine are for shuttle weaving or other purposes. We manufacture this winding machine in accordance to customer desire.
The machine works automatic and independent. No need to hire a machine operator.


  • Build in PLC system
  • Yarn lubrication system for a smoother winding experience. With some types of yarn this feature does come in handy.
  • Variable speed control
  • Can be build with as┬ámany winding unit's as you like
  • This automatic winding machine can wind:

Long/short and thick/thin bobbins. With thin or thick yarn. Machine can be configured to wind any type of material.

  • For safety reasons the winding machine can be equipped with safety glass or protection laser.

yarn bobbinbobbin

yarn bobbin

yarn winding machineautomatic yarn winding machine

automatic yarn cone winding machine

Video from the first test: