11 August 2016

Cut and loop tufting machine

Cut and loop electronical carpet tufting machine to reproduce jacquard designs

Electronical tufting machine in cut and loop to produce original designs. It reproduces any pattern dots similar to real carpets like jacquard carpets. You only need to make the pattern on pc, then you can immediately start tufting carpets.

We can also modify/rebuild your existing tufting machinery with a cut and loop tufting system.

cut and loop tufting machine

Tufting Methods:

  • HLL - High Low Loop: Yarn feeding method by piezo system to switch the length of pile to 'high and low', by the upper position feeding mechanism controlled by Piezo cassettes.
  • LCL - Level Cut And Loop: Cut and loop method by piezo system to switch 'cut and loop', by the lower position cut and loop mechanism controlled by piezo cassettes.
  • HCLL - High Cut Low Loop: Yarn feeding method by piezo system and cut looper with spring. To switch the length of pile to 'high and low' by the upper feeding mechanism, and additional cut looper with spring enables 'high cut' and 'low loop'.
  • HL-CL - High Low Cut and Loop: Tufting machine that has both of the upper High Low Loop mechanism and the lower Cut and Loop mechanism. The machine has all the functions of HLL, LCL and HCLL.


Width of the carpet  full repeat: 1,5 ; 1,8 ; 2 ; 2,5 ; 3 and 4 meter.

Pitch gauge in inch: 1/10, 1/8, 5/32, etc.

Features of our cut and loop electronic carpet tufting machine:

  • Higher safety than an air tufting machine by not using high pressure air. Custom safety features can be build on this machine.
  • No need of drier, air piping or compressor because of non air system.
  • Easy maintenance by changing the piezo cassettes. Takes only a few minutes to replace a broken one. 
  • When we modify your air tufting machine to an electronic cut and loop tufting machine, a lot of parts are no longer needed. Think of solenoid valve or air cylinder piping. These are all components that can no longer break, don't cost you money on maintenance anymore.
  • Huge economy on electricity compared to conventional air tufting. This investment will save you money on electricity in the long run.
  • Very user friendly tufting machine, the operation is done by a Windows Pc. We will give you training on how to use this electronical tufting machine.


piezo system cut and loop tufting machinecut and loop tufted carpet

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