11 August 2016

Loop pile carpet weaving machine

Second hand loop pile weaving Machine For Wall To Wall Carpets And Rugs

We can refurbish a used second hand carpet weaving machine like it's a new one.

second hand loop pile weaving machine

Twin rapier loop pile weaving machine is made for wall to wall carpets and rugs.


  • Production is many times higher than with a normal wall to wall carpet weaving machine.
  • All hights can be woven and can be combined with differend types of flatweave.
  • Loops are made by easy adjustable lancets. 
  • Available with or without electronic jacquard.
  • The carpet weaving machine has 3 heavy shafts.
  • Construma weft accumulators for normal to very thick yarn.
  • For industrial use. Price and delivery time depend on your requested specifications.

loop pile weaving machinewire wilton weaving machine