11 August 2016

Used carpet weaving and textile machinery

Used weaving machines and textile machinery for sale.

We have used wire wilton and loop pile weaving machinery for sale. These machines are for weaving wall to wall carpets/rugs and relief carpets. We can rebuild these looms so they look and work like new ones. 

second hand loop pile carpet weaving machine

Other second hand textile machinery that we have for sale are:

Bobbin creel.

Weaving machine bobbin creels available in different sizes. 1 or 2 floor. Can be used for a wide range of applications. We make it made-to-measure for specific needs.

second hand bobbin creel

Carpet overedging machine.

Automatic longitudinal overedging machine for carpets.

carpet overedging machine

Yarn winding machine.

Bobbin winder from the brand Evilo.

evilo yarn winding machine

Heavy duty carpet trolley.

Max weight is 1200 kg. The carpet trolley has 4 special anti dust wheels. They are available in 3 and 4 meter long.

heavy duty carpet trolley