11 August 2016

Industrial wire mesh weaving machine

Weaving machine for wire mesh

Wire mesh can be woven on an adapted flatweave weaving machine. We adapt the weaving machine to weave with metal yarn such as: copper, alluminium, iron, silver, ... The wire mesh weaving machine can make different kind of wire mesh for various applications. Think of: nets, window shields, fly nets, a sieve, a tea stainer, ...

We are very flexible and adapt the loom to the needs of the customer. We can make this machine to weave full or semi automatic.


  • Weaving width is 4 or 5 meter. Wire diameter can be 1 to 5 mm.
  • The weaving machine is strongly build and requires less maintenance.
  • Weaving yarn can be on beams, bobbin creel or both.
  • For industrial use. Price and delivery time depend on your requested specifications.

woven wire meshwire mesh woven on weaving machinenickel wire mesh woven on weaving machine