11 August 2016

Bobbin creels for universal use

Bobbin creel used for weaving machines or textile machinery.

Weaving machine bobbin creels for sale available in different sizes. 1 or 2 floor. Can be used for a wide range of applications. We make it made-to-measure for specific needs and applications.

  • Safe and strongly build bobbin creel!
  • We can make them in the size you need, also very large. We have experience with bobbin creels for heavy weaving machinery.
  • Creel is equipped with custom electrical system.
  • When you buy one of our weaving machines, then we can also deliver a bobbin creel.
  • Our bobbin creels areĀ usable for beaming machines, direct warpers, knitting machines or special applications.
  • Want a cheapĀ price? We have used bobbin creels for sale that can be refurbished.

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