11 August 2016

Single rapier flatweave carpet weaving machine

Weaving Machine For Flatweave Carpet

Flatweave carpet weaving machine with single rapier

The single rapier flatweave carpet weaving machine is made for weaving flatweave carpets with different types of weaving yarn, such as pp, sisal, jute, technical textile and wool,...


  • All reed densities are possible on this machine.
  • Rapiers are specially made for very thick and very rugged raw wefts.
  • The weaving machine can have till 8 heavy shafts or 16 small shafts.
  • All type of excenters for any type of weaving can be made.
  • The flatweave carpet weaving machine is strongly build and requires less maintenance.
  • Flexible rapiers are guided on the slay by means of rapierguides.
  • The rapiers are driven by conjugated excenters with different timing profiles. This results in a high loomspeed and low yarn breakage.
  • Colour selector for 4 different wefts is available. More colours on request.
  • A long colour repetition can be put in the display for special effects.
  • The pick up regulator is by motor for easy pick changing.
  • Variable pick density according to the weft thickness.
  • Special Construma weft yarn accumulators for normal to thick yarn are provided with this weavingloom.
  • Weaving yarn can be on beams, bobbin creel or both.
  • Available up to 5.6 m weaving width.
  • For industrial use. Price and delivery time depend on your requested specifications.

flatweave carpet flatweave carpet

Single rapier flatweave carpet weaving machine

single rapier flatweave carpet weaving machine without jacquardsingle rapier flatweave carpet weaving machine