14 January 2017

Natural fiber carpet protector spray

New or newly cleaned natural carpet can be protected with natural Carpet Protector spray against dirt and stains. It protects against stains and dirt on the basis of water , fat or oil , after which liquids can be removed with good absorbent tissue. Natural Carpet Protector also restores the water repellent properties of natural carpet. The treatment does not change the look or feel of the carpet.


Frequently asked questions:


“Does this natural carpet protection spray work on all types of carpet? In the video you only show a ‘matting’ type of carpet.”

This natural carpet protector spray only works for carpets made out of natural fibers.

“Will this carpet protector spray change the feel or texture of the carpet?”

It changes the color of the carpet very slightly, the color is slightly darker after treatment.

“How long does the carpet treatment last? I.e. does the coating wear away the more you walk on the carpet, hoover it?”

The carpet protector works as a coat, it makes the carpet less rough.

“Can you provide this protection spray in bulk? What’s the price?”

We can provide the spray in bulk, the price depends on quantity and where we need to sent it to.

“I see in the video that it was used on a flatweave sisal carpet? Would this spray also work on a rather furry carpet?”

This spray works on any type of carpet but we have 3 different types of this spray for sale depending on what type of fibre material your carpet is.

  • Sisal carpet protector spray (used for natural fiber carpets)
  • Wool carpet protector spray (used for wool carpets)
  • Other type of fibre carpet protector spray (other than natural fiber and wool)
“Can consumers also buy this product or do you only sell to companies?”

We sell this spray to anyone worldwide in any quantity but keep in mind when you only order 1 it will be more expensive to ship it to you than when you buy this spray in bulk or low quantity.

“Is this spray containing any harmful chemicals?”

No, it’s safe to use on your carpet. It won’t do any harm to health or nature.