Flexible rapier for weaving machines

Flexible rapier with hook.

Our weaving machinery can be equipped with flexible rapiers. These flexible rapiers are guided on the slay by means of rapier hooks.

single flexible rapier

Why use flexible rapiers?

The housing for the rapiers can take up as much space as the width of the machine. To overcome this problem, looms with flexible rapiers have been devised. The flexible rapier can be coiled as it is withdrawn, therefore requiring less storage space. If, however, the rapier is too stiff then it will not coil; If it is too flexible, it will buckle. Rigid and flexible rapier machines operate at speeds operating at speeds ranging from about 200 to 260 ppm, using up to 1300 meters of weft yarn every minute. They have a noise level similar to that of modern projectile looms.

flexible rapier with hook

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